mCP-X rebuild and my upcoming 550 class build.


My little mcP-X has been through a lot. There are two in my hanger now. The first has had it’s share of hard times. It blew over the house landing half a block away and sat out in the elements for a week including rain and hail before it was returned to me. After replacing the battery it flew without any repair. This is one durable heli!

However, I’m starting to play with acrobatics and the heli is hitting the ground much harder as a result. It is not indestructible and it is now in need of a new frame, landing gear, and an improved boom.  I’m moving to a solid .070 carbon rod to replace the hollow tube  that shatters easily. 0.070 fits the tail motor housing perfectly, and one wrap of scotch tape creates a snug fit in the frame mount. It’s seen a lot of air time and I’m starting to play with full collective pitch and more aggressive EXPO settings.  So it now sits in pieces as the result of its last almost complete barrel roll.

While I am really enjoying the amount of learning I can do on this small 100 class acrobatic FBL heli, I am looking forward. As a hint of coming attractions below sits my NEU 1515 2D motor for my upcoming TREX 550e FBL build. Note the slight difference in scale between it and the mCP-X motor…


There will be more about my 550 build when all of my parts are in. Almost every part except the mechanics and frame has been upgraded. Hopefully I chose well. I’ll include a full build list and where I got everything from.  I’ll put a shout out to GrandRC right now for their Build your own combo option that allows you to buy your heli a la carte and has some very nice upgrade options. Also Ed has been great to work with on my options.


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