PowerLab 8 V2 Charger

Powering the Charger

Since this Charger doesn’t plug into the wall, here is a solution with a FeatherMerchantRC modified HP server power supply. Also shown is the USB adapter cable for the charger.


Parallel Charging


The main charging cables connect into each other, and the parallel charging boards daisy chain. There is a red ribbon with a thermal resistor for each cell. When the balancing connector is plugged into  the board if the cells are not balanced well the resistors will heat up and the red will turn black. Only charge multiple batteries in parallel if they are already  balanced.

There is a 76 page manual that you can download and print out that explains now to configure this charger.  PowerLab 8 Manual

The charger needs to be configured  to know how much current it can draw from the power supply. It has two power options Battery or Power Supply.

The Windows software allows programing the Charger easier than the LCD menu does.  After downloading the software the Charger Firmware can be updated. In this case it was from V3.20 to V3.25.

The Dean Ultra Plugs need to arrive before I can actually charge my batteries which appear to be fully charged.

Once the Charger is configured for these batteries, I plan to post a link to a preset file that anyone could load into their PowerLab 8 V2 for the Hyperion 6S 22.2V battery pack.

8/16/11 This last comment was made out of ignorance. To date I’ve been using all of the settings that came with the charger.  Just pick the correct battery type and the action that you need like Accurate Charge, or Storage Charge, or Faster Charge etc..


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