TREX 550e Build Progress, Build list continued…

When you think you have a build list complete, think again.

I’ve read a number of complaints about the 550e 1.6mm thick tail fin being too flimsy.  Many have upgraded to 2mm thick  600 tail fins to reduce resonant vibrating at certain rotor speeds and to help protect the tail blades. A number of people also reported replacing the stock DS650 tail servo with a BLS251 which took care of the vibration problem as well.

Lynx has a 2mm thick tail fin designed for the TREX 550/600  that is supposed to cause less turbulence and make the tail more efficient. They claim the tail gyro gain can be dropped by 5% because of this improved efficiency.

Lynx Heli T-Rex 550-600/Raptor 50 2mm Carbon Fiber Vertical Tail Fin.

In addition since my upgraded kit didn’t have the servo arms meant for the original DS610 servos, I’ve ordered a set of alloy servo arms that will fit my JR 8717 cyclic servos. This is a mixed bag. On the one hand they promise improved response, especially in hard 3D use.  On the other hand the factory plastic arms can be considered a sacrificial part that could save other more expensive parts from failing.

TX55C081-BK Quick UK T-Rex 550 Alloy Servo Arm Set – JR – Black

The JR 8717 servo’s are also a bit deeper than the DS610’s and require an extra shim on each side to fit the frame properly, Otherwise their backs will touch and tightening the bolts will push the frame apart.

I’m also finding that the NEU 1515 is a very tight fit in this frame. However, the BLS251 fits very well.

A local friend is bringing over a jig for soldering Deans connectors. Female ends on the batteries so they don’t short circuit, and male ends on the charger and the ESC/BEC.

I also found out that my soldering iron is not nearly powerful enough to solder the new CC bullet connectors, or deans connectors with some of the heavy gauge wire I’m using.

The build will continue  once the soldering iron gets here.

Next to be added to my build list is a power bus of some kind and possibly additional Rx cables.


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