550e Mechanicals done, starting on electronics

Modifications from 550e instructions.

  1. Extra shims added to L & R cyclic servos so they would fit in the frame.
  2. Rubber skids not installed on landing gear. This is to allow it to slide and not catch on concrete.

Downloaded the Skookum firmware update  to version 3.0.2 and Installed my new alloy servo arms and Lynx Tail fin.

I had an experienced heli guy look over my build and we bench checked all the cyclic servos connected directly to the AR8000 to find their centers and then I learned how to sub trim them on my DX8. The BLS251 is supported by the SK-720 but not the AR8000 so it is not connected as shown below.


Then I moved a DSMX satellite to the SK-720 and bound to it, removing the AR8000 from the equation completely.

Build list additions

  1. Second DSMX satellite
  2. SK-PB1  Power bus
  3. Spectrum Telemetry Brushless RPM sensor
  4. Additional  wiring and end plugs.

Below is  my current planned wiring for this except the SK-PW7 is an SK-PB1

SK-720 Wiring

Next up soldering Deans and bullet connectors and configuring the Kontroniks Jive 100+LV for mode 4 operation. When I have it all wired up on the bench outside the heli, I’ll create a picture of that.


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