550e Upgraded Electronics Wiring


The servo’s are all benched with end points set and sub zero’s in place using the SK-720, their Windows software connected by USB port and configuring the DX8. I started using a receiver battery, but once the battery and ESC had end connectors soldered, it made sense to use the BEC circuit instead.

The castle 4mm bullet connectors are soldered to the motor and ESC along with the Spectrum brushless rpm sensor on wires 1 and 2. I’m looking for a good dielectric grease to help with this connection.  I’m currently looking at going from a 16T to a 13T pinion based on the KV that this battery can pull, the 170 code main  gear etc…  The gear ratio and number of poles needs to be programmed into the DX8 for an accurate head speed calculation from the telemetry module.

The Deans connectors are soldered to the Hyperion battery and ESC. Female side on the battery to avoid shorting the battery. I used a Deans connector jig to hold the wires and connector in place. It worked very well. The flight pack voltage sensor is soldered to the ESC side. The shorter leads are also soldered together on the Hyperion battery because they split the battery as a 2S + 4S configuration.

The ESC has been set to mode 4 for helicopter use. Programming done while connected to the IO(T) connection. I’ve put the programming jumper somewhere safe.  

I used the following video for reference when setting up my ESC

Out of the box the BEC circuit is giving me 5.5V, and the Hyperion batteries are reading 25V as delivered without needing a charge. Also there is a note that the ESC may have issues regulating the speed of the motor without a load on it and what I saw was the speed run away. Hopefully once I have the blades attached it will work properly.

I’m not particularly worried about  the Neu 1515 2.5DF having overheating problems, so for the time being I have not connected the temperature sensor. I’m considering finding a way to mount it to the battery tray where the hole in the tray is located so it can  be raised to touch the battery, but I’m going to back burner that for now.

When benching the servos, it was interesting to see how easily a single 8717 could pull the receiver voltage down well over a volt. Once my Power Bus gets here and I have both BEC circuits in place, it will be interesting to see how stable the BEC voltage is. This BEC circuit is rated at 5A continuous and 15A peak.


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