550e Build continues…


The wiring is fastened securely, the new Heat Sink is epoxied to the JIVE 100+LV ESC with Artic Silver. The TM1000 telemetry binds to the transmitter separately from the SK-720 with twin DSMX satellites. The real time telemetry is great! I can see any BEC sags when the 8717’s are running hard and can monitor the flight pack voltage along with head speed which requires configuring the DX8 with the pinion to main gear ratio and number of poles in the motor.

All that is left to build physically is the “optional” parallel receiver battery connected to the Skookum PowerBus with a recently ordered Futaba inline receiver switch. With the telemetry I could see the BEC voltage sag about .3V when the 8717’s are running hard. The flight pack voltage didn’t sag any. The Jive 100+LV is supposed to have a peak current of 15A coming across the twin BEC lines. 

The final steps (that I’m aware of at this point in time)  are completing the configuration of the SK-720 with the Windows Software, and checking the collective pitch.

Build list additions

I think that HeliFreak.com is becoming  my favorite place to find RC Heli information with dedicated  forums for Skookum electronics, the TREX 550, Blade mCPX, Spectrum Transmitters, etc… With well over 1000 people logged in at any given time there is a lot of traffic, questions, comments and advice. 

The choice of a main stream kit is really being reinforced as a good decision.  The TREX 550e has lots of aftermarket parts, some inexpensive clone parts, and other higher end components and bling. There is also a lot of advice to be had by the many people who own 550e’s.

The build list continues to grow based on advice from this forum and other places:

  • 13T pinion
  • Kontroniks heat sink
  • Arctic Silver Thermal epoxy 
  • Edge 553 FBL blades
  • KBDD neon green plastic tail blades
    • balanced to 0.01 gram they should help reduce tail vibration
    • many people swear by them.
  • New Soldering iron
  • Proper Heat Gun ( my daughter’s blow dryer didn’t cut it )
  • Wiring shrink wrap
  • Futaba receiver switch for my parallel receiver battery
  • 7.4V NiMH 1100mah receiver battery
  • washers for the motor
  • Align TREX 550e carry bag
    • Very Nice! well padded
    • Nice internal carry  bags for my transmitter, batteries and tools
    • Substantial and sturdy feeling zipper
  • More Upgrades
    • RCBooya 550 Electric Quick Release Canopy Mount
      • The stock canopy already had a small crack forming around one of the top mounts after putting the canopy on 3 times. This mount will put less stress on the canopies around the mount point.
    • KDE 164T main gear and TREX 700 bearing for it.
      • This is supposed to have 20% less friction and both be stronger and quieter
    • Canomod Canopy Bright Green  ( easier to see )
    • aluminum tail servo mount  ( bling )

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