A little help from your friends


I’m really a big fan of www.helifreak.com. It has been a great source of information and helpful people.

I posted a picture of my 550E that is just about ready to fly, on the 550E photos section of their 550E forum. A number of people had nice things to say. Then someone says, “looks like your head phase is off”.

Look at the picture above. If you click on it and enlarge it, it is actually pretty obvious if you were looking for it, but I never noticed.  Below is the picture of the linkage in alignment as well as I can eyeball it.


I’m heading out to the air field tonight, but I’m not sure that I will actually fly it. I still have a couple more pieces that have yet to arrive.

Mostly I’m just waiting for  canopy standoffs and an upgraded bottom canopy clip, and I still have some setup to complete on my SK-720, but at least I found a small wiring issue on my power bus.  I also still haven’t added my BEC buffer battery and switch, but I won’t be doing anything 3D for a while so I’ll add that later.


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