The Build continues… BEC Buffer Battery

The Jive 100LV has a very strong BEC circuit, but with the 8717’s that can draw 12A combined, it is recommended to have a buffer battery. In this case an eneloop NiMH 2000mah battery located in the nose to also help with the center of gravity.


While it is set up to be “reasonably” easy to remove, it won’t need to be recharged between flights, so it will stay in place meaning that a switch is advisable so power can be killed in between flights for convenience and to prevent wear on the plugs. I made sure to put this on the right side along with the main FP cables so I don’t forget. Luckily the SK-720 on top will have a glowing LED to let me know if I forgot to turn it off.


The ElectroDynamics switch is very nicely made and offers a charging port in case the battery plug was not convenient. Since I wasn’t sure where I would end up putting the battery, I went that route.  I’ll most likely just top it off before I head out for the air field and then not worry about charging it until the next time I go out.


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