Kontronik Jive 100+LV revisited

When I first ordered this ESC/BEC, I did so because I was told flat out that it was the best out there and would be completely reliable. Everyone seemed to be in agreement on this. So based on their advice and not really knowing why it was better I purchased it. Now I understand what it delivers.

I was told that this ESC has a rock solid a head speed on many occasions.

So what does that mean when you compare this to other ESC’s?

It has a number of features that are specifically to keep your head speed solid.

  1. In Mode 4 you are recommended to start up your heli at 0 collective. If you set up a straight throttle  curve 80%, 80%, 80%, etc  It will spool up to 80% at 0 collective and commit that rpm to memory. Then as your flight pack is depleted and the voltage drops, the ESC adds more throttle to maintain the starting head speed.
  2. Mode 11 is the same except it is made to handle a variety of different flight batteries that may have different discharge abilities 25C, 35C, 45C, 65C.  You  fly first with your oldest lowest discharge rate battery and it will make sure the heli has the same head speed for the higher discharge batteries.

The end result is that the entire flight has a very consistent head speed, and every flight with different batteries should keep consistent head speeds.

The other big feature is a very strong BEC circuit. It requires two BEC cables to handle the peak 15A that it is capable of producing. By default it runs at 5.6V and they have built it to support a 4 cell NiCD or NiMH buffer battery in parallel with  the BEC circuit. This is a great feature that helps make sure that high current servos are fed at peak  load, and that the heli can be auto rotated down if the BEC circuit were to fail ( more likely the flight pack battery would have failed )

It also handles a LOT more than its rated power. With a $5 heat sink the 100+LV is supposed to handle about 200A which certainly adds to the comfort of knowing it won’t burn up during a flight. The  ‘+’   in the name means more than 100A, in this case a LOT more than.


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