Awesome 3D Foamy Planes (from 3D Hobby Shop)


This weekend my kids had a great experience flying RC planes that they built the previous weekend. This planes are very acrobatic and VERY durable. If a plane came down hard and the foam ripped, all that was needed was some welders glue and 30 minutes for it to dry. Then it is ready to fly again seemingly good as new!  I think it is a LOT easier for someone to learn how to fly when there is less concern over what happens if the plane crashes.

There are no downsides to these foamy planes other than they shouldn’t be flown in wind.  The online videos provided are very complete step by step instructions.  Since a person could use any number of receivers and transmitters they could only offer suggested guidelines for setup. There was a little confusion about the motor and how to attach the propeller since this was all new to us.  A prop saver elastic O-Ring stretches between two large headed screws on the hacker motor to secure the propeller in a way that it can pop off or rotate to the size in a crash and not destroy the propeller.

The particular model we got was this.–B_p_15759.html

along with the recommended Hacker Power System

and  3 tubes of Welders Adhesive Medium CA ordered with the planes

Additional parts ( for 2 planes )

  • 6 x Hitec HS-45HB servos
  • 2 x Spektrum 6115e receivers ( since they are using a DSMX transmitter )
  • 4 x  Hyperion 2S 450mah batteries
    • We are seeing about 4 minute flying times with these batteries
    • When Velcro’d just behind the engine these batteries helped achieve a perfect weight distribution 2.5” back from the wing’s leading edge.
  • A charging cable  banana to  4x JST connectors to parallel charge 4 batteries at a time on my PowerLab 8 V2.
  • 2 x  6 packs of GWS 8 x 4.3 propellers ( slow )
    • I found these are plenty fast enough for my kids
  • 2’ of  1/4” surgical tubing from Lowes to be sliced into prop savers.
    • Much cheaper and more convenient than the O-rings which come in 5 packs for a few bucks and are not readily available.
  • 2 x 4” zip ties  ( to cinch servo wires )
  • 2 x thin Velcro straps ( to wrap servo wires )
  • Velcro tape to attach ESC, Receiver and batteries to plane.

Tools Needed

  • Razor blades ( most used tool )
  • 2 x needle nose pliers ( to bend piano wire for z bends in control rods)
  • small Phillips head screwdriver ( for servo horns )
  • CA adhesive ( to make control rods )
  • Heat gun or lighter ( for shrink tubes on control rods )
  • scissors

Flying Them

The planes have very large control surfaces so they are extremely maneuverable, and we needed to set the expos in  the transmitter very tame at least in the normal flight mode so that my kids could get the hang of flying that was a bit tolerant of their overcorrecting.  We set the expos smaller and the throttle increased to 100% by STNT-2.  70% seemed a good starting point for the throttle limit in Normal flight mode.

I think both my kids really enjoyed flying these planes and I think the fact that they built them completely by themselves only added to the fun.


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