My Skookum SK-720 has officially paid for itself

Below is my heli home safe and sound.


In my last post I mentioned a couple flybarless systems that seem to work well.  As of yesterday, I don’t think I will fly with anything other than a Skookum unit with the bailout self-leveling  feature.

I’m admittedly an inexperienced heli pilot, but the way to gain experience is to be able to fly and  not have your heli crashing all the  time, and the SK-720 really helps out in this regard. 

Yesterday I let my heli get away from me twice, where it was  far enough away that it was hard to make out the orientation. With the Skookum unit  I was able to just flip my bailout switch ( Gear on my TX )  for it to self level the heli. Then with it acting like a coaxial heli, I was able to bring it in closer until I could flip the bailout off and fly it back in.

In one other instance I was doing some flips and I momentarily lost  control and the heli started to drift behind  some trees. I flipped the bailout switch, gave it full positive collective and it was above the trees a split second later.

Now that I’ve adjusted the swash and tail gain down a bit, my 550E is  running very smooth. It really flies like a dream, or very close to the flight simulator with a perfectly locked in tail.

Speaking of simulators, I’ve really been spending a lot  of time with my Phoenix flight simulator. The TREX 550E FBL model they have seems to fly very much like my 550E FBL heli. Now I just need more practice practice practice!!!!!

There is some time involved in getting a flybarless heli setup properly, and it can be a bit work, but  it is absolutely worth it!


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