Interesting day flying… and flight log data

Advanced electronics can’t save you when you are trying to impress your kids and are doing acrobatics too low to the ground for your skill level. At least we could laugh about it and it was a day they should remember for a long  time!





Looks like I’ll be spending more time with my Phoenix Simulator and my slightly neglected mCPX’s while I wait for all the crash parts to arrive. Everything to the right of the bent tail boom is crunched. Luckily all the stuff to the left appears to be in good shape including my new KDE main bearings.  The KDE battery holder did bend, but my battery survived. I originally purchased this battery holder hoping it would help save a battery in a crash. I can’t be sure it did, but my heli came down nose first and the battery survived.

I have a new 2.0mm carbon frame ordered along with all the other stuff to put my heli back to the way it was. It was an expensive learning experience.


Flight log ( from my last flight )

The flight log is pretty interesting. First of all notice that my in flight baseline vibrations are only  0.2G’s.  Then notice the G’s jump up to about 3.0G’s when the blades are barking during a big collective swing. A tamer barrel roll causes about 2G’s of vibration.

Oh yeah and then there is that little spike at the end…


The BEC voltage is very steady at 5.2-5.5V throughout this.  The Jive 100LV’s BEC circuit is doing a great job feeding my 8717 cyclic servos! 


Hopefully I learned something important from this and will keep my heli high enough in the air in the future that I can use my bailout switch when  I get into trouble again. Meanwhile I’m going to hone my skills on the simulator.


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