Diving in with both feet!

I’ve been looking at the next big jump lately mostly due to what I consider poor engineering of the 550E and had settled on a Synergy E7 which I still think is a great helicopter and very well engineered. I still may end up getting one at some point.  However, I am now in line for a Henseleit TDR which I may even see this year, fingers crossed.

So what pushed me over the edge? Ironically my Phoenix flight simulator is what did it.  The Henseleit TDR model flies better than any other model in this simulator by a long shot. That combined with TDR owners saying that the simulator was actually close but it is even better in real life.

Heli pilots who own Aligns, Mikados, Protos, etc.. etc.. all look at the TDR as something that is just different and mostly better than everything else.

The TDR does not have mass produced parts available from all your favorite heli stores. All replacement parts are shipped from Henseleit Helicopters directly.  You can not order a TDR online. An  email must be sent to Jan Henseleit who will then reply with an expected arrival date which can sometimes be a long time. It appears to be 3 months right now, but people have waited for up to a  year for one of these helis.

Whether the exclusivity of the TDR is part of why their owners are so enthusiastic about them, or just the engineering and sounds it makes and dynamic flight characteristics or some combination  of the above, I want to find out!

In the mean time I am trying to get a lot of sim and flight time in. While my 500E may not be the best engineered heli on the planet, it does fly pretty  well, parts are plentiful and I still have a lot to learn about piloting.


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