The little Protos that could

A little time has passed and my MSH Protos 500 is flying. 

How this build went:

  • Almost all of the mechanical construction was done in one evening.
  • The electronics were very easy to set up, and the wiring was also pretty easy with one small exception.
  • The flybarless conversion kit didn’t have current documentation on the MSH site. Basically the Protos Mini had a similar construction. I called a friend who helped make sure I got it together properly.
  • My  SK-720 configuration is their Basic 3D setup, with 50%  cyclic and tail gain.
  • Cyclic 2 is set up with the bail-out or autolevel at 80%
  • The TX is set to 80% throttle, I’ve mellowed the pitch out a bit ( for now )

Modifications Needed:

  1. The Futaba 9650 servo for the elevator doesn’t have enough wire to reach where I put the SK-720, so I had to solder on a longer servo cable.
  2. The bottom plate is the newly introduced plate that has a section 90 degrees off the main shaft for mounting gyros or in my case an SK-720.
  3. My Hyperion 2600mah 35C batteries are a bit tall, but fit under the canopy and I had to be created with the O-Rings to get it secured.



Very very responsive. Of course the Stock SAB blades are for use with fly bars. I have a set of Edge 423mm blades here and a set of Radix 430mm blades on order. I’m going to try them out as well.


My tail was binding a bit and I have heard the pop when the heli first spins up. These are known issues that affect some people. I’ve been told the belt will break in over time, however the vibrations are just on the edge of what is allowable by the SK-720 to allow the auto-leveling feature to work.

I’ve ordered the alloy main bearing mount for the 3rd main bearing block and an alloy Infinity Tail to see how they impact things. I’ve been told they should clear this right up.

Otherwise I’m extremely pleased with this kit. There is easy access to everything, it seems to fly like it is on steroids and it looks like it will be very easy to fix after a crash. So far I’ve only flown from my back yard which is something I would never dare to do with my 550E.   I need to take it out where there is a bit more space so I can open it up a bit more. But I will fly from here until I get it set up perfectly.


1 Response to “The little Protos that could”

  1. 1 Alister Lee November 10, 2011 at 2:33 pm

    Hiya, thanks very much for the blog – I’m following your every move. Have 550E in the bench, TDR on order, practicing on my mCPX. Now investigating Protos thanks to you. Keep it up!

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