Protos 500 (the perfect right sized heli )

After 45 flights I’m really liking this heli a LOT.  The reason this heli is right sized is that I can fly it in my back yard so I can fly frequently.  It  is my  new mCPX, which  means my mCPX is collecting dust now, since I have no reason to fly it.


The tail binding disappeared after I put an alloy pulley in the tail. The belt has broken in and the vibrations are now pretty reasonable in flight and my SK-720 auto-leveling will now work.

The Radix blades got here and are definitely my favorite. The Edge are good but not as responsive. The stock FB SAB blades are a bit too wild for this FBL setup.

I’ve upped the tail gain to 60% and it really feels locked in. The SK-720 piro blur is interesting. With this switch enabled at full rudder it ups the control rate to 900 degrees / second so the heli spins FAST.

I did follow the advice of a HeliFreak forum member who suggested that I move the tail servo ball to the 10.5mm hole instead of the  12.5mm hole. It did seem to smooth the tail out a bit.  Apparently the  12.5mm hole is needed  for  the smaller servos, but a full sized servo has more torque and  the shorter torque arm allows it more resolution.


It is amazing how stable this heli is in gusty winds. So far I’m flying a lot of inverted and simple 3D and it is time to learn more 3D moves on the simulator and try them out.

With 2600mah batteries, 70% throttle and about 11 degrees of pitch I’m getting about 5 minutes of flight per charge.  As the 3D gets more aggressive more pitch and throttle will  be added.


It  hasn’t had a real crash yet, but I tagged the tail while showing off for a friend in a parking lot.  It looked like the belt snapped, but all that happened  was that one of the pulleys in the tail boom box popped out. It was surprising how well the heli handled while it wound down without power.  After popping the pulley back in, I went right back out and flew it again!  According to the Vibration log on the SK-720 the vibrations were the same, so no bearing or other damage. This is a good sign!


So far the alloy pulleys have been worth it. The alloy bottom bearing holder had no impact on vibrations.   After installing it  the vibrations spiked, so I loosened the bolts for the bearing  holders, spun the heli up so the  main shaft would center the bearing holders and then tightened the bolts back down. The vibrations  went back to where they were before.

Compared to the 550E

The 550E definitely auto rotates better than the Protos, has more hang time because of it’s weight and it was faster.  I’m still not very impressed with its design, but it did fly well. The Protos seems so incredibly easy to work on compared to the 550E, with a much simpler design and lower part count. The Protos seems a lot more crashable, and I can fly from home so it is a lot more practical for me to learn on.  I won’t say the Protos is better than than the 550, but just a better choice for me right now.

At the moment all I want to do is improve my skills so I am ready when my TDR gets here, and I think the Protos will help me to  do that.


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