Protos 500 definitely crash worthy!


Well I got over 50 flights but not quite 60 before I just slammed the heli into the side of the hill in my back yard inverted and I’ve had 2 crashes since then. This is just simplicity at its best. Everything is so easy to get to and so simply laid out.

The good news is that this heli really is easy to work on and goes back together without much fuss. My take is that this is the perfect sized heli to learn 3D on after learning the basics on an  mCPX. The flight simulator is still integral to everything.

I have installed the alloy tail and tail hub with thrust bearings. It did seem to be a bit smoother at that point. The vibrations are very low, the tail is rock solid and it is just smooth as silk. This heli is just a pleasure to fly!!!

I’ve also had to replace all of my plastic servo gears once already, so I’ve ordered the MKS 9660A+ metal gear set which is a perfect fit replacement for the plastic Futaba 9650 servo gears.

Revisiting the 550E


I’m converting my 550E over to a tail belt system. This is the stock TREX 600 belt drive tail with 550E sized belt. The tail block is a straight replacement, just bolt on your arm and attach the tail hub. The drive gear fits where the first stage umbrella goes. The second stage umbrella and housing are just removed.

Align Metal Tail Belt Unit H60132T – Trex 600 $43.67
Align Metal Tail Drive Gear Assembly H60078 – Trex 600  $10
Align Tail Belt H55065 – Trex 550E $6.99

The conversion cost was VERY minor considering my Torque Tube, umbrella gears and multiple bearings would have all needed replacing after my last crash.  My hope is that the tail vibrations are noticeably better with a belt drive.  All the parts are here and I’ve started the reassembly process.  There is so much to fix that I almost rekitted my electronics in a LOGO 600. ( Truth be told, the only reason I’m not rekitting is the 1650kV Neu motor wouldn’t work with any pinion gear available, if  I got a new motor it would be a 12S motor and then I’d be replacing the ESC, and the trickle down didn’t make sense) I’ve also removed all the telemetry gear sensors and I’m converting from Deans to EC5 connectors.  I’m really keeping my fingers crossed that I am happy with this once it is back together.  It flew well, but has to this point been a vibration nightmare. It takes very little dirt in the umbrella gears to create monster vibrations.



There should be some news within a month as to the arrival of this end all be all, best of breed heli. I’m still feeling patient about this, but it is starting to feel like something soon vs. just something way off in the future.


No longer plural after one blew away a while back when a serious wind came over the ridge and it was suddenly a spec in the sky. The remaining mCPX has been collecting dust. Maybe I’ll want to fly it indoors this Winter, but for now it just sits.


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