TREX 550E is back “belted” and improved


Every time something happens to this heli, I end up doing some kind of massive upgrade to it. It’s one of the things I really don’t like about the 550E it seems like it is very needy and like it always needs improvements to it’s stock form.

We can rebuild it… We can make it better.. We can spend lots of money on it…

This go round it is now belted, has the new main gear hub, has additional frame supports across the bottom, and it has turnbuckles for the main links. In addition it is sporting a different Canomod canopy.

The belted Tail

It is Quieter, and transmits less vibrations.  Big thumbs up!  As long as it proves to be reliable it was a worthwhile upgrade.


I did replace all the bearings and shafts with this rebuild, but I credit the belt drive for bringing the vibrations down to what you see below which is almost all up/down tail vibration. It’s possible that I could balance the tail out a bit and bring this down even a bit more. Still this is far better than it has ever been for vibrations.



The tracking is perfect. The links are within 0.03mm of each other and I’ve never seen this heli track this well. It is truly hands off hovering.


Frame Reinforcements

I can’t really tell for sure how much they help or not, but the 2.0mm frame with reinforcements is extremely rigid now, especially compared to stock.

Reorganized the wiring

Wiring seems to be something that is improved with every rebuild.  I paid special care to keep the wires off coming into the SK-720 very loose. The new reinforcements are not seen below. They run from side to side where the front and mid aluminum connectors are on the bottom of the frame.


Currently I’m running the Kontroniks Jive Governed speed of 2100 rpm and 2400 rpm. In the TX that is 70% straight throttle curve and 80% straight throttle curve. This is with a 12T Pinion on a 1650 kV motor.

Not much of the original kit left. I think there are about 5 parts left from the original kit.


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