Configuring JLog 2.5 with Kosmik and Jeti

Setting up telemetry with the JLog2.5 and Kosmik is easier than it was with the JLog2. There are no custom cables to build. The JLog 2.5 ships with the cable to connect to the Kosmik and a servo cable to connect to my Jeti receiver.


Download latest JLog 2.5 firmware. Click HERE.
Then on the web page that comes up select Your ESC and Telemetry system.
Press the Go button and save the file to your computer.


The file I got was: 25-K_E-91.4.bin However Tom is constantly adding new features so this is likely to be updated periodically.

Download latest JLog Configurator:  Download JLC


Select the correct combination for your equipment from the pick list at the top.


Set your Motor’s Poles: I have 14 poles selected for a Pyro 800 48
Set your gear ratio:  For this heli that is 1:9

Note: These are required for Head speed calculations.


Next select the Telemetry channels that you would like to see. There are options 0,1,2,3.  I chose Configuration 1.  Below.


Next press the fuchsia button below to save your configuration file.



Now you should have the firmware for the JLog 2.5 that matches your system, and a configuration file for your helicopter. 


Copy these to the micro SD card and insert that into the JLog2.5 device.


Connect the wires as shown below.


Connect the Kosmik with the supplied cable.


Connect the servo cable to the Jeti Receiver’s EXT port.

IMPORTANT!  For the Jeti system make sure to remove the red wire.


Power it up.

The Red Error/Boot LED will flash for a while.

Then the Green light will come on and the green light will start to flash.

At this point it is done updating the firmware.

Disconnect power,  remove the SD card and delete the firmware file:
25-K_E-91.4.bin from the SD card.

Put it back into the JLog 2.5.

Power everything back up again, and the DS-16 will recognize the parameters being sent back.

Configure the values that you want to see on the displays


Configure your alarms.


See the Telemetry being sent back. I only had 1 of the 6S batteries connected for this test. It was at a storage charge.


Then go fly !!!


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