Jeti wireless with Real Flight 7.0 Simulator

One reason I had never used Real Flight was that they had a large plastic transmitter dongle which was a deal breaker for me. With RF 7.0 they released a transmitter box with standard plugs for a PPM signal, so I jumped in and got a copy. ( RF7 Transmitter Interface Edition )

I opened it up and wired a servo cable to the board as shown below.


The end result after I cut the stock PPM cables off is shown below.


Here is the receiver configuration through the device explorer.


Create a non-specific model that will work for planes and helis without any issues.


Map the servo outputs.


Map the servo channels in Real Flight 7.0.


Currently I have Expo configured in the transmitter, but I use the channel 8 Mode to control the head speed which is configured in the model in Real Flight.

I like straight curves for all of my Flight modes so I put the governor threshold at –106 so full negative collective in flight mode 1 doesn’t kill the motor.


One more step when flying from the other side of the room is to set the Reset after a crash to be automatic, and when Real Flight first comes up, press the reset button once and then you can fly from across the room without needing to touch anything.



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