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Smaller Charger ( one more time )


This is the last one finished in November 2016 . I still had the 2 x PL8’s and a 1kW PS  from my first too heavy to carry charger build and I wanted to be able to use them. This is a very simple rugged and lightweight package.

I started with a cardboard mockup.


Then moved to a wooden prototype


Then I moved to ABS and screwed into UHMW blocks.


Finally it joined my last Charging Tower and is what I continue to use today.

I still have the battery storage unit from the first build, but I don’t use it often because of it’s size.


Frequently before I head to the airfield I’ll charge a bunch of batteries running both chargers.


Charging Station Reprise (with BUMP controller)


A couple years back I built an over-engineered charging station with battery storage that was worked, but in practice was too heavy and cumbersome.

Last year I went in a different direction. I wanted light, simple and twice the charging capacity.

I started with 2 x Dual PL8’s,  4 x MPA boards and a Meanwell 2kW 48V PS.


The Meanwell charger is quiet with a variable speed fan and has power factor correction to help minimize the load on my generator at the airfield.

I had pre-ordered a BUMP controller in October that arrived January 30th, so I started without it and just used a cardboard placeholder.


The MPA boards Velcro to the sideboards that connect both horizontally and vertically.


This year I decided to go for a stained finish. I used a gray stain and urethane top coat.