2017 the year of the Woodworking bug

This is the year that the woodworking bug bit me hard!

My biggest limitation has been that my entire shop has to fit into a 6’ x 13’ area when I’m not using it. This means that EVERYTHING is on casters and that I take over the entire garage in various configurations as needed. Some tools like my planer sit on the floor and are not at an optimum height.

This is my shop area fit into the back of the garage with a stop sensor for my wife’s car.


My work surfaces tend to be multi-use and collapsible. I built two folding tables that quickly attach to the front back and side of my table saw to act as 4’ long in feed, out feed, or side support tables.  But they only take up a 1’x2’ of floor space when I’m not using them.


I built a rolling power tool bench / glue up table / storage unit that continues to evolve. It is not the perfect height for everything, but it works well enough.



It also works as a glue-up table using Kreg Auto-Max clamps and an easily replaceable  not stick top.  It also has a large end vice and supports to hold a large piece of wood off the floor or level. 


My clamp rack is a 2 stage ladder hung to the side wall. Notice another folding table against the wall.


My other limitation is that I have only two 20A 120V circuits to work with. Technically I had one but I’m now sharing a circuit with the overhead lights which are now LED’s that sip power.  My dust collection system shares the circuit with the lights and a single power tool at a time runs off the other.

This has proven to be very workable and while it might be nice to have a seriously powerful table saw or band saw, so far it hasn’t kept me from doing anything.

There is only one tool missing and that is a jointer. Unfortunately I don’t see the point in a small jointer and I don’t have the room for a large jointer or have the power to run it so I just have to deal with limitations for now.

My work around for this has been hand planes which I have developed a real love for. They can handle figured wood as well as or better than a helical blade jointer. There is also something very satisfying about making fine shavings with a hand plane.


A proper shooting board can create perfectly square ends. I built this shooting board based on Rob Cosman’s recommendations.
His video –> https://youtu.be/YyfvygylyJg


With the exception of my shooting board, I have never built anything based on plans or someone else’s design. I enjoy designing things that I can’t buy. The fun part about wood working is that there is always a new technique to learn and then find a created way to apply.

I recently designed and built this walnut table for my front foyer. The specific need was to replace a square table with something that had no room for a cat to sit and eat the leaves. He cried a bit, but it was a success.  I also learned how to make a circular form, laminate hardwood, cut tapered legs, use a circle jig and build a loose tenon support system for the legs. Other than a single glue seam on the table top there is no glue holding the skirt or legs on and it can be completely disassembled into eleven parts.



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